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favorite classic Christmas movies

Favorite Classic Christmas Movies

If you are like me nothing gets me into the Christmas spirit than seeing a favorite classic Christmas movie. It doesn’t matter that I have seen it dozens of time, it still fills me with the joy and magic of the holidays. So pop some popcorn, make yourself some cocoa and get comfy on the…
santa claus parade

The Santa Claus Parade is Still Coming To Town

Nothing says Christmas is coming more than your town or city’s annual Santa Claus Parade. Whether young or old, it’s so exciting when we all bundle up and park ourselves on the sidewalk to share in the parade. The Santa Claus parade has everything, and there is always something for everyone: Marching bands Clowns and…
Girl Writing to Santa

Write A Letter to Santa

Who doesn’t remember writing to Santa? It’s one of the most precious letters any little one will write. With many parents home schooling these days, spending some time to write Santa may just be worth adding to your home school curriculum. If that sounds like a plan, here are a few tips to add some…
Christmas Games

Great Games For Families This Christmas

Games have always been an important part of our family’s holiday celebration. Sharing a new game a fun way for everyone in our family to spend time together. So, recently I spent some time at our local games store and got the inside scoop on what is new in family games this Christmas. Catan This…
Christmas Games

Great Games For Teens This Christmas

Considering all of the electronics available to teens these days, it seems that board games are as popular as ever. That’s such good news in my book. And wait, there are some really great games available and some new ones worth considering for this upcoming holiday season. Goodness knows, I’m for anything that helps teens…
Christmas Games

Great Games For Children 8 and Over This Christmas

Games are as popular now as they were in the past…perhaps even more. And, nothing bring friends and family together more than playing a great new game. So, let’s have a look at some games which should be on your Christmas list this year. I recently spent an afternoon talking with Spencer, a Games Specialist…
baby's first christmas

Baby’s First Christmas Makes It So Special

So The Journey Begins There are so many “firsts” when you have baby: First word Taking first steps Seeing first tooth Hearing first laugh and smile For baby (and parents), the first sleep through the night When they say their first “Moma” or “Dada” Baby’s First Christmas Christmas is a special time for families. With…

Is Santa Real? How to Talk Honestly with your Child

As parents, there is no greater joy than seeing our children when they wake up Christmas morning. The house becomes so alive with the excitement of hearing our children scream “Santa has been here”. But as our kids grow we know that the day will come when they start to question whether Santa is real.…
covid santa

Special Letter From Santa During Covid 19

When we sat down to write our customized letters from Santa this year, the news of COVID-19 was just emerging as front-page news. Little did we know then that a global pandemic was looming, one which would fundamentally alter everything around us. What we realized that children did want to know that at this unusual…
Canadian Christmas Shopping Tips

Canadian Christmas Spending

What Canadians Need To Know Regarding Holiday Shopping So, you are thinking about starting your Christmas shopping. Well, we all know that Canadians love the holidays and part of the celebration is finding the perfect gift. However, before you start you might want to check our previous blog: Summer: A Great Time To Think About…
budgeting for Christmas

How to Budget For Christmas American Style

Budgeting For Christmas We all are enjoying the warm relaxing days of summer, but it’s not too early to think about budgeting for Christmas. Yes, Christmas shopping seems months away, but you will be surprised how fast it comes galloping up on us. Few of us like to work on a budget but with a little…
Stress Free Christmas

Christmas and Stress…Tips to Keep You Sane.

Tips on how to avoid stress this Christmas The holiday season is for 99% of us the most stressful part of the year. With so many moving parts it can easily become a logistical nightmare. Juggling children’s concerts, home parties, work parties, financial strain, baking, gift buying, extra work commitments, holiday home decorating, the stress…
Christmas tree in village

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree Part Two

Finding the Perfect Tree In an earlier blog post we talked about how the tradition of a Christmas tree evolved from it beginnings in Europe. Now, let’s look at more contemporary times. The tree has become such a quintessential symbol of Christmas. Here in North America in the early 20th century, most towns and cities…
Christmas Traditions

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

It really feels like the holidays have begun the moment we put up the tree. Don’t get me wrong. Other decorations are great. But, there’s something extra special about the tree that makes the holidays come alive. I bet it’s that way in your house too. So, I got to wonder, how did this wonderful…

I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Making a White Christmas Green Christmas is the one time of year when we often go all out. From outdoor lighting, to lavish dinners and carefully wrapped presents, it can sometimes feel that the holiday season is overly excessive. There are some simple things we can all do to pair down and protect our environment,…
a school year like no other

A New School Year Unlike Any Other

Staying Safe This School Year We have always loved the excitement of children going back to school.   Back to school jitters and the nervousness we all feel (it’s not just the kids) at the beginning of the new school year are a universal part of childhood (and parenthood for that matter). But, this year has…

Summer: Great Time to Set Christmas Goals

Christmas has always been about far more than presents.  For many of us it’s a time of reflection, for gratitude and for establishing and celebrating the most cherished of family traditions. It’s hard to believe but we have just completed the first half of 2020. Right?And, what a crazy first six months it’s been! We…

Summer: A Great Time To Think Christmas

With pool parties, family BBQ’s, relaxing in the backyard and hot summer nights August isn’t a time we usually associate with Christmas. Who wants to give up their carefree lives, and besides, we have lots of time before we have to think about Christmas planning, right? Well, while that may be true, even as I…
Santa reno

Santa Mails a Letter Gets a New Look! Part 2

Have the look at our new website. Be the first for a behind the scene peek at what is coming this year
Santa reno

Santa gets a new look!

Christmas will be coming early this year, because at Santa Mails a Letter we are working on a fresh new look for our website and updates to our curated gift sets. We are counting down the days (and sleeps!) as our friends and web designers at put the finishing touches on our new site.…

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