Special Letter From Santa During Covid 19

covid santa

When we sat down to write our customized letters from Santa this year, the news of COVID-19 was just emerging as front-page news. Little did we know then that a global pandemic was looming, one which would fundamentally alter everything around us. What we realized that children did want to know that at this unusual…

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Christmas and Stress…Tips to Keep You Sane.

Stress Free Christmas

Tips on how to avoid stress this Christmas The holiday season is for 99% of us the most stressful part of the year. With so many moving parts it can easily become a logistical nightmare. Juggling children’s concerts, home parties, work parties, financial strain, baking, gift buying, extra work commitments, holiday home decorating, the stress…

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Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree Part Two

Christmas tree in village

Finding the Perfect Tree In an earlier blog post we talked about how the tradition of a Christmas tree evolved from it beginnings in Europe. Now, let’s look at more contemporary times. The tree has become such a quintessential symbol of Christmas. Here in North America in the early 20th century, most towns and cities…

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