Baby’s First Christmas Makes It So Special

So The Journey Begins

There are so many “firsts” when you have baby:

  • First word
  • Taking first steps
  • Seeing first tooth
  • Hearing first laugh and smile
  • For baby (and parents), the first sleep through the night
  • When they say their first “Moma” or “Dada”
  • Baby’s First Christmas

Christmas is a special time for families. With the addition of a new family member we get to establish new traditions and treasured memories.

When it comes to our baby’s first Christmas, we as parents look to celebrate the joyous gift we have been given.

So, at Santa Mails A Letter we want to provide you with some ‘firsts’ you may want to include as part of your holiday traditions:

  • Purchase or make a special holiday ornament commentating your baby’s first Christmas
  • A photo with Santa is often a must. This year (2020), you may want to do it remotely. Instead, you may opt for a Christmas photo of your family
  • Get a special holiday card or letter. At Santa Mails a Letter we have written a personal letter to help you make this year even more memorable
  • Journal or scrapbook all the beautiful and joyous moments you have created this year. Having a book of memories you can add to each year will be a record of all your child’s milestones
  • A special holiday outfit for your baby’s first Christmas day
  • Taking time out of our busy holiday schedule and spend it cuddling with your most precious gift in the world
  • If the new baby has older sibling make sure you also make time for them as they were once babies as well

Babies grow so fast, so it’s important to slow down and live each of your child’s moments to the fullest.