Great Games For Families This Christmas

Games have always been an important part of our family’s holiday celebration. Sharing a new game a fun way for everyone in our family to spend time together. So, recently I spent some time at our local games store and got the inside scoop on what is new in family games this Christmas.


This is one of our favorite family games at the Santa Mails a Letter home. I spoke with a games specialist who shared that Catan is still as popular as ever. This adventure game requires settlers to collect resources (sheep, ore, wood, brick and grain) while they attempt to build trading roads. Great active game, but beware of the robber who might steal some of your resources. This game takes 15 minutes to learn, can be played in one hour and is good for 3 to 4 players. There are some great extension packs available to keep everyone excited for years to come.

In Codenames players enter the world of espionage. Here one team must attempt to identify agents, however they only know their codename. The opposing spymaster is also looking to identify spies, but wanting to avoid outing spies belonging to the other team. Great for 2 – 8 players, suitable for ages 10+ and can be played in under 15 minutes.


This games will bring out the storyteller in you. The object of the game is to have players use their imagination to determine which card is theirs. This game is for players 10+, can be played with 4 to 12 players and takes about 40 minutes to complete.

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