I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Making a White Christmas Green

Christmas is the one time of year when we often go all out. From outdoor lighting, to lavish dinners and carefully wrapped presents, it can sometimes feel that the holiday season is overly excessive.

There are some simple things we can all do to pair down and protect our environment, without sacrificing style.

First, whether you choose a real tree or go with the artificial variety, it’s good to know that both can be green. If a real tree is a must for your family, you can relax knowing that most cities and towns offer tree recycling. This will convert your hand-selected “it” tree into garden mulch once all of the festivities are over. This is great news come springtime for your neighboring parks. Nothing wasted.

If you go the artificial tree route, the great news is that in recent years various models of trees have become incredibly realistic-looking and some are even made from recycled materials.

Second, to save electricity, consider LED lighting for both indoor and outdoor use. These high-efficient bulbs consume 95% less energy than older conventional bulbs. And, LED’s come in every imaginative color. Best of all, many have an average life span of 100,000 hours…so no more fiddling and agonizing over burnt out bulbs.

Since we are on the topic of lights, think about opting for a “less is more” theme. A couple of simple strands of outdoor lights around bushes and doors can help strike a simple but elegant holiday mood.

Third, when you are out shopping think sustainable. Consider gifts made from recycled materials or choose from locally produced items. Sending less to our landfill is always the perfect gift for Mother Nature.

Christmas will always be a time for family and traditions. For those of us living in the north we love nothing better than a white Christmas. This year however, we can also add a little green to our holiday celebrations.

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