Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree Part Two

Finding the Perfect Tree

In an earlier blog post we talked about how the tradition of a Christmas tree evolved from it beginnings in Europe. Now, let’s look at more contemporary times.

The tree has become such a quintessential symbol of Christmas. Here in North America in the early 20th century, most towns and cities have made it an annual event to light a tree. 

Famous Tree Lightings

Community tree lightings are a highlight of the season. There are almost too many to count. Here is just a small sample list…

  • New York’s Rockefeller Center tree
  • Atlanta’s Great Macy’s tree
  • Boston’s Christmas tree (an annual gift from Nova, Scotia)
  • South Coast Plaza’s tree in California
  • Washington DC’s National Christmas Tree on the south lawn of the White House (yearly gift from Norway)

Tree Farms & Lots

Today, most of us are living in cities and towns. So, we don’t always have the opportunity to cut down our own tree. To offset this, commercial tree farms have emerged. This gives us city dwellers access to visit a farm to cut down our own or to have one delivered.

As children some of us share memories of going with our parents to pick out that special family tree. The deep scent of the coniferous trees and aisles and aisles of spruce, pine and balsam fir. Our Dad would shake a tree to watch the branches fall. And, once the perfect one was found it was hoisted onto the roof of our car for the journey home.

Artificial Trees

It was during the 1930’s where the US Addis Brush company created an artificial tree made from brush bristles. Today, with most manufactured trees it is relatively difficult to determine whether it is real or not. Artificial trees have become much more ‘believeable.’ So, regardless of you are in the real tree or artificial camp, the Christmas tree still remains an important symbol of the holidays.

One little famous tree

I will leave the last word about Christmas trees to one of the most famous trees ever to debut on TV.

If you are like me you will fondly remember the 1965 Christmas TV special “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” This time-treasured show gave us one of the most memorable trees ever. Ill-shaped and barren, but Linus saw it’s beauty. He famously said: “I never thought it was such a bad little tree.  It’s not bad at all, really.  Maybe it just needs a little love.”

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