Santa Mails a Letter Gets a New Look! Part 2

Boy oh boy are we ever excited today! Our web designers at have just sent us the first concepts of Santa Mails a Letter’s new website and we could not wait to share it with you.

Following weeks of online meetings, a dozen emails or so, and countless Zoom calls they unveiled two great home page concepts. Both Ryan and Joel really understand us at Santa Mails a Letter. For us it has always been about sharing the magic of the season and they nailed it.

So, here are the two concepts we had to choose from:

As you can see they are both great and truly capture who we are, so we took the two concepts and headed to the workshop to get the whole team’s input. Everyone on the team was blown away by both concepts, so we got down to work to determine which worked better.

Well, it did not take long for us to establish a clear favourite.¬†The homepage we all thought best reflected Santa Mails a Letter was the one with the little girl deep in thought writing her letter to Santa. Who can’t remember doing this very thing as a child, filled with anticipation and wonder?

There were aspects of the second concept that we really liked also so we incorporate those!¬†¬†And, we also had our photographer take a number of photos of our product tiers using various types of backgrounds – white and wood. We were drawn to the shots using the white background.¬†¬†It’s so much cleaner.¬†

So, here is a preview of what you will experience when you open our home page. Remember this is only an image, so there is no functionality. 

Since we are switching to a WordPress site we now have so much more flexibility. However, in saying that you can see we still kept some of your (and our) favourite elements.

You’ll still find our 3 Christmas packages which we know everyone loved.¬† You will also see¬†we updated our photos and we made shopping for the perfect letter easier than ever.¬†¬†And, we have made it simple to follow us in whatever social platform you are most comfortable with.¬†

Stay tuned for our next post: the unveiling of the new and improved Santa Mails a Letter website. We like to think this is an early Christmas gift for us!

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