Special Letter From Santa During Covid 19

When we sat down to write our customized letters from Santa this year, the news of COVID-19 was just emerging as front-page news. Little did we know then that a global pandemic was looming, one which would fundamentally alter everything around us. What we realized that children did want to know that at this unusual time, Santa was safe during COVID-19.

We Now See Our World Through Different Eyes:

  • Social Distancing
  • Personal Face Masks
  • No Public Gatherings
  • Schools Closed
  • Layoffs
  • Government Subsidies
  • Massive Economic Fallout

We at Santa Mails a Letter realize that COVID is having an impact on our children. But, at the same time the kiddos are oh so resilient. We also feel it’s important to let them know that Santa (and the crew) are doing just fine. Santa (and Ms. Claus) are working extra hard to keep the North Pole clean and germ-free. So, there’s no need to fear. Christmas is still on track, just like every other year. So, fear not!

This year our personalized letter selection offers a customized COVID letter. Our thought: provide you, dear parent with the opportunity to have Santa speak directly about COVID to your little ones. Why not reassure our kiddos and encourage them to continue to practice social distancing and common-sense routines like washing their hands? And, who better to reinforce this message then Santa himself?

Here is a short paragraph from our COVID personalized Santa letter, which addresses, in a positive tone, how Santa is dealing with a global pandemic.

“I want to reassure you that Mrs. Claus and I are working together to keep everyone here healthy, just like you have been doing with your family. It’s important to understand that this time in our lives won’t last forever. I am sure your family is proud of how you are keeping yourself healthy, practicing social distancing and washing your hands. Hopefully soon life will return to normal, so stay strong.

Our Children Are So Smart

We know that Christmas will be certainly different this year. Still, there’s no reason we can’t reassure our children that Santa is safe and that Christmas will carry on, much the same. It’s also important that our wee ones know Santa is safe, and that he believes in them. And isn’t believing what the magic of Christmas is all about?

So, when you are considering a customized letter from Santa this year, check out our special letter from Santa during COVID-19. It might just be the reassurance your child needs this very different Christmas.