Summer: A Great Time To Think Christmas

With pool parties, family BBQ’s, relaxing in the backyard and hot summer nights August isn’t a time we usually associate with Christmas. Who wants to give up their carefree lives, and besides, we have lots of time before we have to think about Christmas planning, right?

Well, while that may be true, even as I write there are only 136 days until Santa arrives. That may seem like an eternity but we all know how miraculously the time flies right? Surely, I’m not the only one that wonders where all the time went when it’s mid-December and I have a list longer than my arm to tackle. I’m sure you have experienced that feeling of suddenly realizing that you have a MOUNTAIN to do and it’s already December 12!

So, maybe summer IS exactly the right time to start taking a personal and family inventory for the upcoming Christmas season. Let me suggest some things you can do right now to make your Christmas load a little bit lighter when the season comes…and let’s face it, with everyone that is going on around us, who isn’t looking forward to a little bit of cheer this year?

  • While the weather is good pull out the outdoor lights and holiday decorations to check what is still working and what needs to be replaced. Not a bad idea to do this when the weather is still warm.
  • Start putting your gift giving list together and see if there are any additions or deletions from last year.
  • Reflect on last year’s gifts given (and received) as well as crafts you made with your little ones (or wished you made) to see if there’s a theme you can expand on or a new direction to take.
  • Consider setting a budget. This is such a huge topic. I will set aside another blog to share more on this so stay tuned.
  • If you send out a written Christmas update to family and friends, consider jotting down notes now about great milestones achieved for the first half of 2020. No doubt, this year especially has presented a whole host of new opportunities and challenges.
  • We all seem to have our secret stockpile of gifts in a back closet. Take time to pull them out and decide who will be on receiving end (or not).

We all see Christmas as a date in the future, but by taking a little bit of time now, you’ll be better able to kick back and enjoy the season.

Time is a great gift. Summertime is when we like to slowdown our busy lives so taking a few hours now may just be the answer to making this upcoming Christmas the best ever.