Summer: Great Time to Set Christmas Goals

Christmas has always been about far more than presents.  For many of us it’s a time of reflection, for gratitude and for establishing and celebrating the most cherished of family traditions.

It’s hard to believe but we have just completed the first half of 2020. Right?And, what a crazy first six months it’s been! We are all still very much on this roller coaster of COVID where we don’t know when it will end or what the fall and Christmas season will look like for us and our kids. Just when we thought we were beginning to figure it out, the school season is upon us. Talk about stress. It’s all a bit much right? While it may (at first blush) appear like it’s just ‘another thing to do’ you may want to turn your attention – at least a bit – to planning and thinking about your goals and plans for Christmas. If nothing else, it may give you respite from some of this angst-filled world and good news (!) you get to make it whatever you want.

Goals can (and should) be as individual as you. 

Take a look at some of the goals our customers have shared with us:

  1. Christmas is a time for music and I always love to hear choirs.  For you, maybe it is time to share your voice and join a local choir group. Assuming you are in a city or town that doesn’t have community spread this may actually be possible.  If so, now is the perfect time to connect with others to get your vocal cords limbered up so that you can sing Joy to the World over the holiday season.

2. Make a Christmas craft. This is a great way to involve the kiddos and you are only limited by your fabulous imagination.  Here are a couple of craft ideas:

  • Make your own Christmas crackers. They can be personalized for those family and friends you expect to share holiday with.  Now is a great time to start collecting toilet paper rolls (Yes, that’s the easiest and cheapest way to create the cylinder you will need), ordering snaps, finding great jokes and checking out dollar stores for small items to include. HINT: keep the toilet paper roll with you so that you are sure to select only items that will fit. I keep mine in my purse from about November 1 on, so it’s with me on the go!
  • You may decide to make a special gift. Whether it’s woodworking, painting, jewelry design, sewing or knitting, now is the perfect time to brainstorm ideas.  Even if you don’t feel that you have the necessary skills, you can still harness your enthusiasm and check out your local school board or community center. Most cities and towns will offer courses that fit your idea and skill level. 

3. Christmas is a time to think of those less fortunate than ourselves.   Volunteering in your community is a great goal and gives (us all) far more in return. Now is the time to think about who and which organizations in your community speak to you most. Maybe it’s animal rescue or your neighborhood food bank.  

4. You can also make your goal personal. It may be losing weight (who hasn’t gained the dreaded COVID 10lbs?), eating healthier, making more time for family and friends or just being a better you…it is all about making a goal and working towards it.

So, whatever your decide…now is a great time to start thinking about the next six months and how you want to live and celebrate with your family so you can look back and say “I did it”.