The Santa Claus Parade is Still Coming To Town

Nothing says Christmas is coming more than your town or city’s annual Santa Claus Parade. Whether young or old, it’s so exciting when we all bundle up and park ourselves on the sidewalk to share in the parade.

The Santa Claus parade has everything, and there is always something for everyone:

  • Marching bands
  • Clowns and acrobats
  • Fabulous holiday themed floats
  • Seeing friends and family volunteering
  • Honoring our police, firefighters, paramedics and other emergency workers
  • Local heroes and celebrities
  • Free candy canes
  • And of course the main attraction or man of the hour…SANTA

With a global pandemic it was thought we would have to cancel this annual holiday tradition. But, the good news is NO. We all love the Christmas Santa Claus parade and it seems that many parade organizers found creative ways to deliver this event.

For some it will broadcast live on TV where we can enjoy it safely in your living room. To help with the ambiance, bundle up and watch it outside by the firepit. Adding a little chill in the air and armed with a thermos of hot chocolate may just set the mood for a great virtual Santa Claus parade experience.

And, for some communities instead of the parade moving past, they’ve flipped it so that you travel past the parade. This is such a smart idea as it keeps the tradition of the Santa Claus parade as well as keeping everyone safe.

Whatever way you experience the Santa Claus parade it’s guaranteed to bring you the joy and happiness of the holiday season. Make sure you search where you can find your local Santa Claus Parade so you and the kiddos don’t miss out.