Write A Letter to Santa

Who doesn’t remember writing to Santa? It’s one of the most precious letters any little one will write. With many parents home schooling these days, spending some time to write Santa may just be worth adding to your home school curriculum. If that sounds like a plan, here are a few tips to add some structure and critical thinking to your Santa writing activity.

Questions for Santa

First, a letter from one person to another typically starts by inquiring about the reader or sharing personal news. So, to start you may want to encourage your little one to ask about Santa’s health and well-being for instance. And, why not? After all, he has a long trip ahead (and all on one night), so it only seems considerate to check in to see if he’s up to the journey. Beyond this, you can encourage your kids to ask all sorts of questions. Trust me, they will dream up some great ones all on their own! Kids are great that way. But, if you want to get the ball rolling, I’ll share just a few of the classics.

  • How does Santa get around the world all in one night?
  • We don’t have a chimney. How will he get in?
  • How does he really know if kids have been bad or good?
  • Why doesn’t get a stomachache from eating all of those cookies?
  • How do Santa’s elves make enough toys for all of the girls and boys?

Sharing Personal News

Second, having asked Santa about himself (and perhaps Mrs. Claus too), your kiddo may wish to share personal news or news of home. Of course, Santa will know your child (isn’t Santa amazing?), but it’s still worth having your little one share highlights from their past year. They are growing and changing so fast so goodness knows there can be a lot to share.

  • How is the family doing? Siblings?
  • What were their accomplishments?
  • What grade and they in and how is school going?
  • What activities are they doing and enjoying?
  • What have they been doing to help the family?

Gift Ideas

Finally, it’s now time for your child to make their list of gift ideas…the items that are on their wish list. Who doesn’t want to think of what they want at Christmas? It’s fun, right? For some parents as a way of keeping this under control, it’s worth sharing a framework. This can help promote a more measured approach and to help manage expectations. The Five Gift Rule is one such framework you may wish to consider.

Five Gift Rule

  • 1 thing they want
  • 1 thing they need
  • 1 thing they wear
  • 1 thing they read
  • 1 thing homemade

Bring the Christmas magic to your home

Now that you have the letter written, it’s just a matter of arranging for Santa to rely. At Santa Mails A Letter we can help. We deliver personalized letters from Santa along with curated gift ideas sure to surprise and delight. So, once your kiddo finishes their letter, why not take a moment to have Santa reply? You can even use the information – gift ideas and accomplishments that your kiddo just shared in their letter. How’s that for working smart?

Each of our three gift sets include one of 8 personalized letters including Standard letters, Baby’s First Christmas, Christian, Older Child and this year – even a COVID-19 letter, where Santa writes reassuringly about washing hands and staying strong. Also included in each gift set is a personalized ‘Nice List’ Certificate and so much more.

With a few simple clicks you can leave the reply to Santa who will make sure the package is delivered straight to your door. To order today visit us at www.santamailsaletter.com. Let the magic begin.

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