Joy to the World


Have your camera ready! We’ve created our signature Joy to the World gift set, ideal for moms and dads who want to create wonder for their little ones and also ensure that Santa is able to deliver – even without a chimney!

Surprise your little ones with a personalized letter from Santa, a personalized Nice List certificate, signed photo of Santa, Santa Stop Here Coloring page, Santa Claus stickers – all packaged in a ‘North Pole’ exclusive envelope.

To ensure Santa can deliver, we’ve added a Magical Key, with gift tag and special instructions from Santa himself, plus a “Special Delivery” Felt Christmas Tree Ornament as a treasured keepsake.

  1. Personalized letter from Santa. Amaze your child with the most extensive personalization.  Your child will ask: “How does Santa know?”
  2. Authentic personalized addressed ‘North Pole’ envelope
  3. Signed Santa photo. It’s just waiting for a frame!
  4. Personalized ‘Nice List’ Certificate. Memory book worthy!
  5. Santa Claus Stickers. Use these to decorate your sign
  6. “Special Delivery” Felt Christmas Tree Ornament
  7. Santa’s Magical Key. Let Santa in on Christmas eve using this magical key
  8. Santa Stop Here Coloring page. Remember to place this in your window

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